The Trajectory and Trouble

On December 21, we picked up Dasko and took him to Jutta’s house in Wuppertal. Not only were we anxious to have him, but we also wanted to familiarize him with the crate in which he would travel to the United States of America.

At barely ten weeks old, Dasko shocked us! I threw a ball at him in the sitting room, but it went under a fully upholstered sofa under which one could not see. Dasko dashed to the other side of the sofa just in time to get it as it reemerged. He had figured out the trajectory at ten weeks of age.

Dasko with Jutta on December 21, 1998
Dasko explored every corner of Jutta’s house, and he soon got into trouble. Jutta had a plastic pot to water flowers, and Dasko decided to nibble on it. We viewed it as a harmless activity, but suddenly we noticed that a piece of the pot was gone. The only conclusion was that Dasko had swallowed the piece. The plastic had dried out many years earlier, making the pot brittle. The piece had to be jagged, with sharp edges. Would it pierce his stomach? Would it kill him?  There was little that could be done– beside worrying – and he seemed fine.