The Blood Line

That is the story of how Dasko became part of our family. To us, Dasko was a continuity of Cento.

But Dasko also came with a unique pedigree. Not only was his father the World Sieger, but his grandfather on his mother’s side was Flick von Arlett, also one of the most important producers in Germany. Both Ulk and Flick had been fathered by Yago vom Wildsteiger Land, who had placed VA several times at the World Sieger Show. Yago was the son of World Sieger Eiko vom Kirschental, who was the son of  twice World Sieger Uran vom Wildsteiger Land.


Dasko enjoying his first snow

Because of Ulk and Flick,  Dasko was line bred to Yago (2-3), Eiko (3-4), and Uran (4-5). Such a strong pedigree is rare. A concentration of the finest blood of the German Shepherd  breed was to be found in Dasko.

Uran was unquestionably one of the most important  German Shepherd Dogs in recent history. Uran, through Ulk, provided the continuity of the Quanto von der Wienerau line, arguably the most important of the three major lines of the breed.

Our expectations of him were very high. Would he live up to them?