Positive Training

The training of dogs - or any animal - should start with the proper understanding of and respect for the animal. The use of violence, physical punishment, physical "corrections", and abuse of animals being trained is simply unacceptable and unnecessary. As a wise man once said, "Violence begins where knowledge ends."

"The dog obeys the calm, clear-headed trainer willingly and with full confidence....When the trainer is not really gifted, it must be admitted that the true joy in work, which is the foundation of success, is lacking. With a thoughtless slap-dash individual, the dog will refuse to carry out even the easiest exercises. Let the trainer therefore examine himself when the dog makes a mistake, or does not understand an exercise, or fails in obedience, and let him ask 'Where am I at fault?'" Stephanitz wrote.

In spite of many skeptics, Dasko von Arlett was trained since puppy hood without the use of any physical correction method.

Dasko tracking at 14 weeks of age

Dasko never wore a prong collar or a choke collar or an electric collar. He was never ever punished. His willingness to work was nourished with purely positive reinforcement - a tug toy, praise, and affection.