The Correct Standard

"The basis of the judgment (of the German Shepherd Dog) must be the service which is demanded of the dog" So wrote Captain Max von Stephaniz, the founder of the breed, in his book The German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture (S.V., Munich, Germany, 1925).

Today the breed has been divided into two virtually different lines: the conformation line and the working line. Stephanitz, however, saw the two as one and the same, with working ability being the foundation of the beauty of the German Shepherd Dog.

The German Shepherd Dog, he argued, "must only be bred as a service dog. He must, therefore, and the points of the race equally demand this, only be judged as a service dog. With service dogs suitability ranks higher than beauty.

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ndeed their real beauty and their only nobility (for their aristocracy is one of service), consist in their complete adaptability in their arrangement, the balancing and coalescence of each and every part."